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Lindsay/Cindy Fanvid: 'Hungry Eyes'
CJ/Denise - beach
readthesubtext wrote in wmc_visuals
Track: 'Hungry Eyes' by Eric Carmen
Compiled by: readthesubtext
Fandom: Women's Murder Club
Featuring: Lindsay Boxer & Cindy Thomas
Spoilers: All episodes
Disclaimer: This fanvid was made for pleasure, not for profit ;) All clips are the property of ABC.
Summary: Lindsay & Cindy, copious amounts of eye-sex, and a shamelessly cheesy backing track. Altogether now: "I've been meaning to tell you, I've got this feeling that won't subside. I look at you and I fantasize; you're mine tonight..." Guaranteed to make you smile, even after a bad day at work :D

You can watch the vid OVER HERE @ my journal :)


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