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Lindsay/Cindy Fanvid: 'The Weakness In Me'
CJ/Denise - beach
readthesubtext wrote in wmc_visuals
Track: 'The Weakness In Me' by Joan Armatrading
Compiled by: readthesubtext
Fandom: Women's Murder Club
Pairing: Lindsay/Cindy/Jill
Spoilers: N/A
Disclaimer: This fanvid was made for pleasure, not for profit ;) All clips are the property of ABC.
Summary: Lindsay is in an established relationship with Jill, when Cindy comes along and changes everything. I used a lot of clips from the unaired Pilot in this vid (a big thanks to the lovely lady who provided me with the means to do so) but, alas, the aspect ratio of that episode differs from the rest of my source material and, even though I tried to convert it to 16:9, WMM still insisted on publishing it in 4:3. Still, if you disregard the chopping and changing between squares and rectangles, I think it turned out pretty well (and, if you watch it in full-screen mode, you barely notice).

You can see the vid OVER HERE @ my journal :)

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So excited that there's a vid for this show!

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